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Skit Competition


One of the most competitive events at State German Convention, the Skit Competition provides schools an opportunity to showcase both their German proficiency and their creativity.  Each school may enter one skit into the competition.  Every student participating in the skit should have a speaking part, however small!  Skits must be written by the students themselves, and should be related to the overall convention theme.


Further guidelines for the skit competion are as follows:


  • Students must memorize their roles.

  • No microphones are available, so students must speak loudly and clearly, and project well.  A skit that cannot be understood/heard cannot be effectively judged.

  • Small props that help advance the plot are fine, but large, bulky props are PROHIBITED.  The emphasis in this competition is on the quality of the performance.

  • Each school has a total of 6 minutes for their skit - please account for the amount of time your group will need to prepare the stage prior to the skit, and clean the stage following your skit.  No props may be left on the stage.

  • Judges will score skits using a rubric which takes into account the following criteria:

    • quality of performance and visual appeal,

    • quality and comprehensibility of German,

    • evidence of careful preparation,

    • content representative of Gemanic culture.