Interest sessions are designed to provide students with more opportunities to interact with students from the many schools that attend State German Convention, and to motivate them to use more conversational German in a less competitive fashion than in the individual and group competitions.  Though interest sessions change from year to year, you'll find a list of some of the more popular ones below.  


Every student should participate in Plaudern at some point during the State German Convention!  This is a great way to speak German with fluent and native German-speakers.  Click here for some topics you may want to discuss with your Gesprächspartner!



Shooting hoops and speaking German - what could be better?



Are you a crafty person?  If so, you'll love the opportunity to work on some great craft projects from the German-speaking world!



Try your hand at some of the most popular board games in the German-speaking world!



Wheel of Fortune...  German-style!



...because, how often do you get the opportunity to be lead through (or lead someone else through) a seriously fun obstacle course blind-folded, all the while practicing your German?!?



What is a weekend at a place like Camp Jackson without an opportunity to take a little hike and enjoy the beauty of the nature around you?



Show off your creativty by painting hollowed-out eggs...  a great German Easter tradition!



How well can you draw?  How well can you guess what other, perhaps less-talented artists are drawing?  Give it a try!



Some call it Bag-O, some call it Cornhole...  we call it Säckchenwurf!  Toss some bean bags into some holes...  this isn't just for tailgating and Frat parties!



A scavenger hunt at its best!



Gather with all of your new, German-speaking friends and spend some time singing some of the best German songs imaginable!



Ping Pong?  Table Tennis?  Yes, please.



A must for everyone who attends SGC!  Gather with 400+ students from throughout the state of Georgia for some singing, dancing, and partying - SGC-style!

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